In every workshop, mechanic shop, or maintenance area, the key to efficiency and productivity lies in organization. Our premium selection of shop storage bins, drawers, and racks is engineered to meet the diverse needs of modern workshops.


Steel Shelving with Bins
CL1239-401 - Industrial 4 Less - CL1239-401BL
Closed Shelf Bin Organizers
WR6-953954 - Industrial 4 Less - WR6-953954-BL
Wire Shelving with Bins
Stackable Bin Organizers - Industrial 4 Less
Stackable Bin Organizers
Mobile Stackable Bin Organizers - Industrial 4 Less
Mobile Stackable Bin Organizers
Single Sided Gravity Shelf Bin Organizers - Industrial 4 Less
Single Sided Gravity Shelf Bin Organizers
Double Sided Gravity Shelf Bin Organizers - Industrial 4 Less
Double Sided Gravity Shelf Bin Organizers
Louvered Panels with Bins - Industrial 4 Less
Louvered Panels with Bins
Bench Racks with Bins - Industrial 4 Less
Bench Racks with Bins
Gravity Bench Racks - Industrial 4 Less
Gravity Bench Racks
Interlocking Storage Cabinets - Industrial 4 Less
Interlocking Storage Cabinets
Utility Carts - Industrial 4 Less
Utility Carts
Plastic Utility Cart - Industrial 4 Less
Plastic Utility Cart

High-Quality Plastic Bins for Every Tool

Our range of shop storage bins is designed to cater to all your small parts storage needs. Made from durable, commercial-grade plastic, these bins withstand the rigors of any workshop environment. Available in various sizes, our bins are perfect for organizing nuts, bolts, screws, and other small items. Features include:

Stackable Design: Maximizes vertical space, making it easier to organize and access tools.

Labeling Options: Comes with easy labeling features for quick identification.

Color Variants: Available in multiple colors to categorize and prioritize tools efficiently.

Versatile Drawer Systems for Seamless Organization

Our shop storage drawers offer unparalleled versatility and organization. With smooth gliding mechanisms and robust construction, these drawers provide easy access to your tools and equipment. Ideal for both large and small items, our drawer systems help declutter your workspace. Key benefits include:

Modular Systems: Customize your storage solution to fit your unique needs.

Durable Materials: Constructed to endure heavy use in any shop environment.

Perfect for Hardware: Nuts, bolts, screws, fasteners or any other small or loose parts, these durable drawer cabinets are the perfect solution.

Robust Storage Racks for Maximum Efficiency

Maximize your shop's floor space with our heavy-duty storage racks. Designed to hold everything from large tools to heavy equipment, our racks ensure that your most used items are always within reach. Features of our storage racks include:

Adjustable Shelving: Easily adjust shelf heights to accommodate tools of any size.

High Load Capacity: Engineered to safely support heavy weights.

Easy Assembly: Quick and straightforward setup with minimal tools required.