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7" - 21" Stacking & Hanging Bins - Industrial 4 Less
7" - 21" Stacking & Hanging Bins
Extra Large Stacking Bins - Industrial 4 Less
Extra Large Stacking Bins
Giant Stack Containers - Industrial 4 Less
Giant Stack Containers
Nesting Shelf Bins - Industrial 4 Less
Nesting Shelf Bins
Super Tuff Euro Drawers - Industrial 4 Less
Super Tuff Euro Drawers
Dividable Grid Containers - Industrial 4 Less
Dividable Grid Containers
Attached Lid Containers - Industrial 4 Less
Attached Lid Containers
Straight Wall Containers - Industrial 4 Less
Straight Wall Containers
Stack and Nest Containers - Industrial 4 Less
Stack and Nest Containers
All Purpose Tubs - Industrial 4 Less
All Purpose Tubs
Cross Stack Tubs - Industrial 4 Less
Cross Stack Tubs
Clear Tip Out Bins - Industrial 4 Less
Clear Tip Out Bins
Interlocking Storage Cabinets - Industrial 4 Less
Interlocking Storage Cabinets
ESD-Safe Bins, Containers and Shelving - Industrial 4 Less
ESD-Safe Bins, Containers and Shelving
Shelving with Bins - Industrial 4 Less
Shelving with Bins
Louvered Panels with Bins - Industrial 4 Less
Louvered Panels with Bins
Bench Racks with Bins - Industrial 4 Less
Bench Racks with Bins
Stackable Bin Organizers - Industrial 4 Less
Stackable Bin Organizers

Industrial Plastic Storage Bins & Containers

Industrial storage bins and containers are used in a variety of settings including warehouses, manufacturing facilities, construction sites, and distribution centers. The characteristics of these bins and containers that are most critical for industrial users are as follows:

Durability: Industrial bins and containers must be highly durable to endure the conditions often found in industrial environments. They should be durable and able to resist chemicals, scratches, and general wear and tear. When we talk about durability we're referring to the ability to handle weight, resist damage, and withstand environmental conditions. 

Size and Capacity: Depending on the type of materials or products being stored, industrial containers may need to be large or small, shallow or deep. The size should match the volume and weight of the items they are designed to store. Luckily, there are a variety of different sizes, shapes and functionality so you are likely to find exactly what you have in mind.

Stackability: Stackability is crucial in industrial settings for optimizing space and for safe and secure storage. Containers should be designed to stack securely, even when fully loaded. Our stacking bins have anti-slip ledges that hold stacked bins into place.

Accessibility: Depending on their use, containers might need to have special features like drop fronts, lids, or doors for easy access to their contents, even when they are stacked.

Visibility: For better organization and quick content identification, bins can be color-coded, transparent, or semi-transparent. If not, they should have a provision for attaching labels or barcodes. In many cases, companies color code their warehouse using different colored shelf bins, helping increase day-to-day efficiency in the warehouse.

Modularity: Modular containers allow for a variety of configurations to fit different spaces and different types of items. They can be rearranged as needed to suit changing requirements. 

Material: The material of the bins and containers should be chosen based on the environment and the type of items stored. Heavy-duty plastics, metals, or other materials might be needed depending on the situation. In many cases, FDA approved materials are required and thats when our cross-stack tubs come into play.

Resistance to Environmental Conditions: Industrial containers should resist moisture, UV radiation, and chemical exposure, if required in the industrial environment they are placed in.

Ease of Cleaning: Especially in settings where contaminants could be a problem, containers should be easy to clean and sanitize.

Ergonomics: Industrial containers should be designed to be safely handled by workers or machines. They should have features like comfortable grip handles or slots for forklifts.

Sustainability: Containers that are made from recycled or recyclable materials, or that are designed to be reusable, can be more environmentally friendly, which is increasingly important in many industries.

Cost-effectiveness: Industrial containers must provide good value for money, balancing upfront cost with durability and lifespan.

Types of Industrial Storage Bins and Containers you'll find on this

Stack and Nest TotesStack and Nest Totes are highly versatile storage solutions for various commercial environments, including industrial, commercial, retail, and healthcare settings. These totes are industrial-grade, meaning they're built from durable, high-density materials that withstand heavy-duty usage. The unique design of these totes allows them to stack when full and nest inside each other when empty, saving valuable floor space and aiding in transportation efficiency. Their rugged construction makes them resistant to impacts and temperature extremes, offering longevity that translates into cost savings in the long term.

Dividable Grid ContainersDividable Grid Containers are ideal for storing, assembling, and distributing a variety of small to medium-sized parts in industrial and commercial settings. They are made from robust materials, ensuring a long service life even under heavy use. Their key feature is the ability to create compartments of varying sizes within the container, providing a high level of customization for specific storage needs. This divisibility enhances organization, reduces the risk of misplacing items, and increases operational efficiency, making these containers an excellent choice for sectors such as retail, healthcare, and other commercial environments.

Attached Lid Distribution Containers: Attached Lid Distribution Containers are specifically designed to meet the high demands of storage, distribution, and order picking tasks in commercial environments. The attached lid makes these containers excellent for securing content, reducing the risk of loss during transportation, and protecting items from dust and dirt. These industrial-grade containers are built to withstand repeated use in rigorous environments, offering excellent durability. The stackable design facilitates efficient space usage, making them a preferred choice for industries where space optimization is crucial.

Straight Wall Stacking ContainersStraight Wall Stacking Containers offer maximum cubic capacity and are ideal for heavy, dense, or bulky items. Their straight walls enable containers to stack securely, optimizing vertical storage space and offering a stable load for safer transportation. These containers are made with industrial-grade materials, ensuring they resist impact, temperature variations, and continuous heavy-duty use. Their ability to enhance space utilization and streamline operations makes them ideal for industrial, commercial, retail, and healthcare settings.

Cross Stack TubsCross Stack Tubs provide a versatile storage solution suitable for a wide range of environments. Their unique design allows them to be stacked in one direction and nested in another, maximizing space usage both when full and empty. These tubs are crafted from heavy-duty materials, making them reliable for industrial use. The easy-to-clean surface makes them ideal for healthcare environments, where hygiene is paramount. In retail and other commercial settings, cross stack tubs help enhance organization and workflow efficiency, thanks to their durability and smart design.

All Purpose TubsAll Purpose Tubs are true workhorses in industrial, retail, healthcare, and other commercial environments. Manufactured with sturdy materials, these tubs are designed for heavy-duty usage, guaranteeing longevity even in rigorous settings. Their robust build can withstand various stresses, ranging from heavy loads to high-impact activities. Thanks to their simple, functional design, all purpose tubs are flexible for a broad spectrum of uses, from parts storage to product transportation.

Latch Containers: Latch Containers are a secure and durable solution for storage and transport needs. The unique latching mechanism provides extra security, ensuring contents remain intact even during hectic industrial operations. These containers are constructed from durable materials, enabling them to resist wear and tear from heavy-duty usage. Their stackable design allows for optimal use of vertical storage space, crucial in commercial and healthcare environments where space efficiency is key.

Stackable Storage Bins with Open FrontStackable Storage Bins with an open front design offer a balance of space optimization, ease of access, and visibility. This makes them particularly suited for fast-paced environments such as manufacturing facilities or retail outlets. The bins are crafted from tough materials to endure industrial-grade usage. Their open-front design allows for easy identification and retrieval of items, boosting efficiency in high-demand settings.

Nesting Shelf BinsNesting Shelf Bins are designed for seamless integration with shelving units, offering an excellent solution for organized storage. Their ability to nest within each other when not in use saves valuable storage space. Made with durable materials, these bins can withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use in commercial environments. Their compatibility with shelving systems makes them a versatile choice for a variety of sectors, from retail to healthcare and beyond.

Wire Mesh BinsWire Mesh Bins are a durable and versatile option for industrial and commercial storage. The wire mesh design provides visibility and ventilation, ideal for items that require airflow. Their sturdy construction ensures they can handle the weight of heavy goods without deforming. Given their open design, these bins are perfect for immediate identification and access, enhancing efficiency in fast-paced environments.

ESD-Safe Storage ContainersESD-Safe Storage Containers are essential in environments where electrostatic sensitive devices are handled, such as electronics manufacturing. These specialized containers are constructed with materials that safely dissipate electrostatic charges, protecting sensitive components from potential damage. Their industrial-grade build ensures durability and longevity, even in rigorous working conditions.

Louvered Panel, Rail and Rack Systems with BinsLouvered Panel, Rail and Rack Systems with Bins offer a modular, space-efficient storage solution perfect for industrial, retail, and healthcare settings. The systems allow for customization based on specific storage needs, with bins of various sizes that can be hung on the panels, rails, or racks. These systems, made from robust materials, can withstand heavy-duty use, offering a durable and flexible storage solution. The convenience of hanging bins promotes efficient use of space and easy access to stored items, boosting productivity and workflow.