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1839-SB808 | 18" x 36" x 39" Shelving Unit with 12 Bins

1839-SB808 | 18" x 36" x 39" Shelving Unit with 12 Bins

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Color: Blue
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1839-SB808 Overview

  • 18" x 36" x 39" Steel Shelving Unit with 4 Shelves & 12 Bins.
  • Bin Dimensions:  17-7/8" Deep x 8-3/8" Wide x 8" High.
  • Ideal for small, medium or large parts storage in commercial/industrial settings. Commonly found in repair shops, stockrooms and warehouses. Provides fast, easy access to parts and supplies.
  • Extra Bins, Optional Bin Dividers and Labels Sold Separately.

Shelving with Bins in Various Industries:

Warehousing & Distribution Centers
Shelving with bins is pivotal for sorting and storing diverse inventory, streamlining order fulfillment and inventory audits. Items such as fast-movers, small packages and packaged goods are commonly organized for quick and easy retrieval.

Manufacturing & Repairs
In manufacturing and repair settings, shelving with bins organizes components and tools, supporting efficient workflow and parts retrieval during production. Parts like gears, screws, and electronic chips are stored for easy access.

Workshop & Workstation Organization
Workshops benefit from shelving with bins by keeping tools and materials accessible, promoting a tidy and efficient working environment. Tools, fasteners, and small machinery parts are typically stored.

Inventory Management & Parts Organization
Shelving with bins enhances inventory control and parts organization, crucial for quick access and accurate stock levels in various industries. It's ideal for storing items like automotive parts, electrical components, and stationery.

Hospitals, Doctors Offices, EMT, Pharmacies
Healthcare providers use shelving with bins for organizing medical supplies, medications, and equipment, ensuring quick access and patient care efficiency. Sutures, catheters, vials, and specimen containers are among the items organized.

Auto and Aviation Repair Shops
Repair shops leverage shelving with bins for storing small parts and tools, essential for organized, efficient repairs and maintenance. They store nuts, bolts, hydraulic fittings, and specialty tools.

Plumbing Supplies & Vans
Plumbers utilize shelving with bins in supply stores and vans for organizing fittings and tools, streamlining on-site job efficiency. Copper fittings, PEX connectors, and various plumbing tools are neatly organized. Almost every single work van or service truck has some configuration of shelving with storage bins for enhanced organization.

Back of House Inventory Management
In back of house settings, shelving with bins aids in managing supplies and inventory, improving operational efficiency and space utilization. 

Hardware Stores
Hardware stores employ shelving with bins to display and organize a vast range of items, facilitating customer navigation and product retrieval. Items such as nails, screws, hinges, and hand tools are categorized for easy shopping.

1839-SB808 Details

Quantum Storage Systems
Shelf Depth (Front to Back)
Bin Outside Depth
Shelf Width (Left to Right)
Bin Outside Width
Shelving Unit Height
Bin Outside Height
Number of Shelves
Number of Bins
Shelf Finish
Bin Colors
Blue, Red, Yellow & Clear
Bin Accessories
Dividers, Labels