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Mobile Wire Shelving Units and Carts

Mobile shelving units and utility carts provide flexible and efficient storage solutions that are useful in various industrial settings. Our mobile shelving units come complete with 4 shelves, 4 posts and a mobile kit which includes 4 swivel casters (2 with brakes). The addition of the mobile kit adds 5" to the overall height of your shelving unit. 

Here are a few specific real-life situations we've assisted clients with by implementing mobile wire shelving units.
Warehouses: During one particular project, a client's warehouse was struggling with quickly rotating inventory and a static shelving setup that created inefficiencies and bottlenecks. Implementing mobile shelving units solved this issue effectively. The units' mobility allowed for easy reconfiguration of the warehouse layout based on incoming shipments. This adaptability facilitated better organization, quicker stock rotation, and improved worker efficiency, thus optimizing their workflow and reducing inefficiencies. 

Automotive Repair Shops: In another instance, an auto repair shop was facing issues with tool availability and workflow disruption due to the constant need for mechanics to fetch tools and parts. We introduced mobile utility carts as movable workstations. Tools and parts were kept on these carts, which could be easily rolled around the shop. This reduced wasted time spent on retrieving items and enhanced productivity, with the added benefit of keeping the workspace cleaner and safer.

Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens: We recently worked with a restaurant that had issues with speed and efficiency due to the separation between their storage area and cooking stations. By introducing mobile shelving units, the restaurant was able to transport ingredients and utensils directly from storage to kitchen stations. The shelves were epoxy coated and NSF certified, and the easy-to-clean surfaces helped maintain hygiene standards. As a result, the cooking process was streamlined, and the restaurant was able to serve customers faster.

Hospitals and Medical Facilities: In a hospital environment we assisted with, staff were finding it challenging to manage the timely transportation of medical supplies and patient meals. The introduction of mobile shelving units became an effective solution. These units served as portable storage and transportation aids that could move medical supplies, equipment, or meals wherever they were needed. The result was an improved quality of care, a more efficient hospital environment, and positive feedback from the medical staff.

Each of these experiences underscores the transformative potential of mobile shelving units and utility carts in diverse industrial settings. In each case, these units provided a tailored solution that enhanced efficiency, improved workflow, and solved the unique challenges faced by each organization.