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Running a successful marijuana dispensary involves more than just offering high-quality products; it requires strategic organization and effective storage solutions. Proper storage not only streamlines operations but also enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty. In my almost-two decades of working with small business owners, recently, many in the cannabis industry, I've seen firsthand how the right storage solutions can be a game-changer for dispensaries. It’s not just about keeping your products safe; it’s about enhancing operational efficiency and customer experience. Let's dive into specific storage solutions we have helped dispensary owners and managers implement in their dispensaries.

Flower Storage Bins:

The heart of any dispensary, the flower, requires effective and controlled storage to comply with strict state regulations and ensure only the proper personnel have access. The dispensaries we work with have implemented open front stackable bins, like those found here or here (with wire shelving). These bins provide not only excellent visibility and easy access but also take up minimum floor space, or fit perfectly on shelving, a key factor in maintaining an organized and effecient workflow. I recall working with a Denver-based dispensary where implementing open front bins on wire shelving reduced their product handling time by 30%.

Before: The Denver-based dispensary initially stored their individually packaged flower products loosely on standard shelving units. This arrangement was extremely inefficient since there was no rhyme or reason to what products went where. Different product categories were mixed together, and checkouts were constantly delayed due to the wrong items being picked. The shelving alone did not allow for easy visibility or accessibility of the different strains, particularly during high traffic periods. Staff often spent extra time searching for specific packages, leading to longer customer wait times and a congested sales floor.

After: To address these challenges, the dispensary adopted open front stackable bins designed to fit the existing shelving and optimized for ease of access and visibility. The bin sizes were selected to properly accommodate the individually packaged products, allowing each strain to be clearly visible and readily accessible for the staff that needs to pull and pack each order.

Reduced Handling Time: The new system led to a 30% reduction in product handling time. Staff could quickly identify and retrieve the desired product without sorting through stacks of packages on lose shelves.
Stacking Bins for Dispensary

Improved Customer Service During Peak Hours: During rush hours, the clear organization and accessibility of the bins allowed employees to serve customers more efficiently, significantly reducing wait times.

Edibles, Pre-Rolls, Concentrates, Extracts and other Bottled Products:

Temperature-controlled storage is crucial, but so is compartmentalization. Dividable grid containers, available here, offer customizable spaces for different edibles or pre-roll tubes, ensuring they are stored efficiently and securely. A client in California successfully used these containers to segregate various edibles, streamlining their inventory management significantly.

Before: The California dispensary initially stored their edibles and infused products in a variety of containers, which led to several operational inefficiencies. The mix of random containers made it difficult to efficiently organize and maximize shelf space. This disorganization often resulted in wasted space and a cluttered appearance.

Lack of Standardization: The use of various container types meant there was no standardized system for categorizing and locating products. This lack of uniformity made it challenging for staff to quickly identify and retrieve specific items, especially during busy hours.
Visibility and Accessibility Issues: Some containers were opaque or poorly labeled, which hindered product visibility. Staff had to spend additional time opening containers or moving them around to find the right product, slowing down the service process.
Difficulty in Managing Inventory: The disparate container system made it hard to track inventory levels at a glance, leading to potential stock shortages or overstocking.


After: Switching to dividable grid containers addressed these challenges effectively:

Grid Containers for Dispensaries

Uniformity and Efficiency: The uniform size and shape of the dividable grid containers allowed for a more efficient use of shelf space, creating a neater, more organized display.
Customizable Compartments: These containers provided the flexibility to create compartments tailored to the size and quantity of different edibles, facilitating better product organization.
Enhanced Product Visibility and Accessibility: The clear, standardized design of the dividable grid containers made it easier for staff to see and access products quickly, significantly reducing the time spent in locating items.
Improved Inventory Management: The new system allowed for easier monitoring of stock levels, ensuring a more effective inventory management process.
Streamlined Service During Peak Hours: With improved organization and visibility, staff were able to serve customers more swiftly, reducing wait times and enhancing customer satisfaction.
Better Inventory Control: The dispensary could manage its stock more efficiently, minimizing instances of overstocking or running out of popular items.

Accessories and Paraphernalia:

Visibility is crucial here. In addition to display cases, using wire shelving with open front bins allows for organized, aesthetic presentation while ensuring products are secure and easily accessible. This method has been particularly effective in upscale dispensaries where presentation is as important as product quality.

Before: In the upscale dispensaries, accessories and paraphernalia such as glass pipes, vaporizers, grinders, rolling papers, and small storage containers were often housed in locked cabinets. While this method offered security, it presented several drawbacks:

Limited Customer Interaction: Customers couldn't freely browse the accessories, which reduced their engagement with the products.
Staff Dependency: Every time a customer wanted to view or learn more about a product, staff assistance was required to unlock the cabinets, leading to delays and reduced efficiency.
Visibility Constraints: The cabinets, while secure, often didn't provide the best visibility or display aesthetics for the products, potentially impacting sales.


After: The transition to using wire shelving with open front bins addressed these concerns effectively:

Types of Accessories Displayed: The open front bins on the shelving units were ideal for neatly organizing and displaying a wide range of accessories, from high-end glass pipes and sophisticated vaporizers to grinders, rolling trays, and stylish storage solutions.
Aesthetically Pleasing and Functional: The wire shelving with open front bins offered an attractive display that showcased the products in a well-organized manner, enhancing the overall shopping experience. The transparent or semi-transparent nature of the bins allowed for excellent visibility of the products.
Security with Accessibility: While offering an open view and easy access for customers to browse, these shelving units were designed to be sturdy and secure. 
Wire Shelving with BinsDual Utility for Front and Back of House: This setup was versatile enough to be used both in the customer-facing areas of the dispensary and in the back of house for inventory and overflow storage. In the front, it served as an inviting display, while in the back, it offered organized and easily accessible storage for staff.
Enhanced Customer Experience: Customers enjoyed the freedom to browse and select products independently, leading to increased customer satisfaction and potential upsells.
Streamlined Staff Operations: Staff were freed from constantly needing to assist in product access, allowing them to focus on customer service and other tasks.
Improved Sales: The attractive, organized display, coupled with easier access, likely contributed to higher sales of accessories and paraphernalia.


Effectively managing storage within a marijuana dispensary is a critical task that involves careful consideration. By implementing specialized storage solutions, dispensaries can streamline operations and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. A well-organized and secure dispensary not only creates a positive customer experience but also ensures the longevity and success of the business in the rapidly evolving and uber-competitive cannabis industry. Incorporating these specific storage solutions can transform the operational efficiency of a dispensary.

Each solution discussed here is backed by real-world applications and tangible results from dispensaries we've worked with. A well-organized, efficiently managed dispensary is more than just a place to buy cannabis; it's a testament to the professionalism and forward-thinking approach of the business.

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      Written by Robert Forst

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