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In the fast-paced world of healthcare, dental clinics, and pharmacies, efficient storage solutions are critical for maintaining organization, accessibility, and hygiene. Quantum Storage's Free Standing Slider Systems offer an innovative approach to optimizing storage space, transforming your facility's capabilities with a versatile and durable design.

Unmatched Efficiency and Space Utilization

Manufactured by Quantum Storage Systems, Free Standing Slider Systems are engineered to convert up to 8 feet of storage space into a compact 4-foot footprint, maximizing efficiency in crowded environments. This revolutionary design ensures that essential tools, instruments, and supplies are always within reach, enhancing workflow and reducing retrieval times.

Key Features

  • Robust Construction: Manufactured from tough 14-gauge steel with a baked enamel finish, these units are built to withstand the rigors of busy healthcare settings.
  • High Capacity: Each unit supports a total weight capacity of 2,000 lbs, accommodating a vast array of supplies and equipment.
  • Versatile Configurations: Available in various models, these systems offer multiple bin cup configurations to suit different needs. The QS-305306-52 model, for example, measures 18" D x 48" W x 77" H and includes 336 bin clear tip out bins/cups, ideal for detailed organization.

  • Easy Access: Featuring tip-out bins, these systems allow for quick and easy access to stored items. Two panels are fixed to the back, while two slide smoothly from left to right, offering access to four panels in total.
  • Aesthetic Integration: Available in Gray, Ivory, or White, these units seamlessly blend into any clinical environment, maintaining a clean and professional appearance.

Applications in Healthcare, Dental, and Pharmacies

Healthcare: For hospitals and clinics, the Free Standing Slider Systems are perfect for storing medical instruments, surgical tools, and patient care supplies. The hygienic, easy-to-clean surfaces ensure sterility, while the modular design allows for customization to meet specific departmental needs.

Dental Clinics: Dental practices can benefit from these systems by organizing dental tools, impression materials, and cleaning supplies. The secure storage options protect sensitive materials, and the clear bin cups facilitate quick identification and retrieval, improving patient care efficiency.

Pharmacies: Pharmacies can utilize these slider systems to manage inventory, including medications, prescription supplies, and over-the-counter products. The high capacity and versatile configurations support the storage of various item sizes, ensuring that pharmacists can easily locate and access necessary products.

Emergency Rooms and Operating Rooms: In emergency and operating rooms, having quick access to critical supplies is vital. These slider systems can store items like syringes, IV supplies, wound care kits, and surgical instruments, ensuring that medical staff can respond swiftly to patient needs.

Laboratories: Laboratories require meticulous organization for chemicals, samples, and lab equipment. The Free Standing Slider Systems provide an efficient way to store and categorize these items, reducing the risk of contamination and improving workflow.


Quantum Storage Free Standing Slider Systems are an essential addition to any healthcare, dental, or pharmacy setting. Their robust construction, high capacity, and versatile design make them an invaluable tool for improving organization and efficiency.

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Written by Robert Forst

With years of hands-on experience in industrial storage solutions, Robert has assisted clients across various sectors, from manufacturing to healthcare. His first-hand experience and attention to detail makes him highly qualified to discuss the topics here.

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